Vanessa Cherenfant, SadaxTechnology Services

Arriving from Haiti in Quebec in 2003 to pursue studies in industrial engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, Vanessa began her career in performance improvement consulting with Quebec bests such as Bombardier and the Créatech Group. Then responding to the stronger call of entrepreneurship, she created in 2013 her first company Elysia, a startup using artificial intelligence to personalize the itineraries of travel, project for which she was recognized by the Bronfman Foundation among the 25 emerging entrepreneurs in Quebec and later the YESMontreal and SAP foundations as a startup developing an innovative technology.

Since the project was not commercially successful and as she wanted to sharpen her skills alongside experienced entrepreneurs, in 2015, she joined the ranks of Officevibe, a GSOFT company, where shewas a key contributor to the commercial success of the product by attracting hundreds of 'world class organizations like Apple, Disney and Bose to roll out the product. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, Vanessa joined as a partner in 2018 the ranks of Sadax Technologies to support SMEs in their digital transformation.

Strongly committed to causes such as the promotion of diversity and the advancement of women in technology, Vanessa has invested herself in many organizations in this direction, particularly with the creation of PolyCultures at the École Polytechnique, with a focus on the Young Entrepreneurs of Montreal program, the launch of the Startups Weekend Women and the coordination of the Technovation Program, encouraging girls aged 11 to 16 to pursue a career in Technology. Her favorite maxim? Be the Change you want to see. Vanessa is a recipient of the Women in Technology Award from Génération W of the Women's Y Foundation and finalist of the prestigious Prix des Femmes d'Affaires du Québec.