Gilbert Kalombo, Kaayu Technologies

Gilbert began his career in entrepreneurship at the age of 17, as an independent sales representative, in direct marketing companies such as ACN, Primerica or the late Savian, which is why, he managed to form a team of more than 30 people from different specialties in the field of sales. His interest in new technologies came about in early 2015, with his goal of commercializing a technology platform that directly links professionals from all specialties and customers seeking to meet a given need. Finally, around October 2018, the vision of Mr.Kalombo is concretized by the creation of the Kaayu project. Hismotto has always been, and willremain, innovation and the improvement of living together.

Kaayu Technologies is a Canadian technology company that develops and operates a collaborative platform for workers and businesses to connect across all domains and at all levels.

With several changes in the labor market, Kaayu has relied on technology and user participation to accompany and guide them to the future of work. Developing for the new generation of workers with technology that meets their needs, Kaayu will be able to assist companies and workers in collaborating.

The company is located in Montreal, Quebec. It is led by its founder Gilbert Kalombo and his dedicated team of young professionals since October 2017, the beta version of the platform is already launched in October 2018.