Ana Marina Sims, Pois et Moi

Ana Marina is a 31-year-old businesswoman with a DEC in Special Education and has worked for 5 years in a youth center, primary school, crisis center and high school.

Two years ago, she decided to start Pois et Moi. She has always been passionate about companies in the field of childhood and quietly began to create small items as a hobby. Her products have been incredibly well received by her customers and soon a more serious structure had to be established and put in place.

In its first year, Pois et Moi had about fifty points of sale across Canada, and in 2018 it went up to one hundred and fifty. Pois et Moi has a blistering growth under the leadership of Ana Marina.

The company has 2 employees, but also a subcontractor who employs people with functional limitations who deals with the manufacture, packaging and distribution. The subcontractor team has about 5 people.